Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Locavore: The Definition

Byward Market- Ottawa, On
As a self proclaimed Locavore, I have made efforts to buy local and support the local economy in which I inhabit. I mostly shopped at the farmers market, and mostly bought second hand but it always felt like I was missing the point on a lot of the issues. So an idea has hatched in my little noggin to practice what I preach when it comes to my eating and living practices. The plan is to explore a year without a grocery store, big box retailer or anything I couldn't get in from a local source. This means shopping from locally owned business's, farmer's markets and salvaging food. It may seem slightly daunting to many of you but in the beginning of this plan the subtle changes I would have to make to my lifestyle seemed non-invasive (talk to me in 6 months and see how I feel). Imagine a year where you didn't buy new cloths, ate in season and explored your natural environment more, seems simple right? 
The rules:

PGPIRG Sustainable Learning Garden
  • Shop Local- nothing from a chain or franchise
  • Eat Local- eat in season, organic, local
  • Live local- reduce waste, build food sovereignty and support local initiatives

I start September 1st, please leave comments, suggestions and tips to help me get started on my adventure. (Questions like, should I be allowed to shop at Value Village? Where do I buy batteries? What does it all mean?)

In good food,