Tuesday, 22 August 2017

How to date an Environmentalist

When life/work get you down, time to divert with a little light hearted fare. I have been thinking that everyone has certain rules or guidelines when searching for an ideal partner or just someone to get through this lonely weekend in the city? Regardless of its longevity I seem to be perpetually looking for someone, like a lot of people are these days, on line (Tinder!), in coffee shops, at parties... The reality is when you are trying to meet someone new, how can you explain how important environmental consciousness is?

As an environmentalist I find dating tedious.  Once my date picked me up in an Uber and threw his gum wrapper out the window, I had the car pull over and got out, that was not the man for me. My horror stories aside, some may say I am hard to please, whereas I just tend to think I have some gosh darn standards! So here is a little guide of how to date someone who is like me, environmentally conscious, social justice loving, passionate and ultimately someone who wants to spread the love and challenge your unthinking bologna. So here is how to date an environmentalist (or maybe just how to date me):
Local food & waste free packaging! Accra, Ghana

Do buy her flowers, just because she is a die hard advocate for the bee's does not mean she will appreciate a nice freshly picked wild flower bunch from time to time, the thought much sweeter than the bud.
Do not buy her some imported and generic bouquet wrapped in plastic and wreaking of inconsideration.

Do take her to that new farm-to-table social enterprise restaurant you read about in the the community newsletter. Follow up with a poetry slam night at a local coffee shop or an evening stroll along the water or even dancing at the outdoor music festival!
Do not even think about the traditional chain restaurant dinner followed by the latest blockbuster hit at the nearest mega-plex industrial movie complex, it's been done.

Do bring your own cup to get coffee at the farmers market together, maybe even keep an extra one for her just in case! Why not have reusable bags on hand for your purchases too! Waste free dates are not only possible, they are adorable.
Do not, I repeat do not grab a plastic water bottle on the go, get the clerk to double wrap your frozen pizza and try to romance her with poisonous microwave popcorn.

Bring your own containers!
Do plan meaningful activities on dates! Cheese making, soap making, cooking, hikes, volunteer together! The time with each other is worth more than anything.
Do not fly her away on your private jet to your yacht in the Mediterranean...I mean wait is this an option???

Do order your meal with consciousness of where it came from and how it was produced. Bonus points for critical eaters and flexitarians!
Do not leave food on your plate, food waste is so unsexy. Take it to go (bonus points for bringing your own container) and enjoy together later.

Do let her know what you are passionate about, being with an environmentalist doesn't mean you can't also introduce what interests you.
Do not complain about how much parking is in the city, how bike lanes take up space or that's its annoying to pay 0.05 cents per plastic bag. You people are apart of the problem.

Hike dates rule! Canary Islands, Spain
Do support local artists and venues, spending your time and money together on meaningful experiences rather than hot ticket events.
Do not be surprised if she is not on trend, she probably spent too much time worrying about the food system or future of the planet than celebrity gossip or billboard records.

Do impress her with your own environmental quirks, did you recently start composting? grow your own herbs? these little things show you care!
Do not try to impress her with your fancy car, stacks of cash or snobbery. Gross.

Ultimately when you do fall head over heels for this overly considerate green nut job, make sure you propose (if she's into that whole outdated marriage thing of course) with an antique ring made from conflict free minerals in a quiet, meaningful place, mega-trons are so 1992.

You don't need to be perfect, but you will score major points for effort. If you don't get this, then you don't get me, plain and simple. Showing you have the capacity to think of others is sooo attractive. So is this just me or do my other eco-princess' feel this way?

Happy hunting,

XX Melanie

"I want to show people that environmentalism can be fun!" -Adrian Grenier

"I'm not great at dating, but I need to do it to relax." -Lena Dunham