Fun recipes that can easily be substituted for local, free and found ingredients!

  • Balsamic Hummus- Recipe
    • I made this with an expired can of chickpeas and found balsamic vinegar. 
Raspberry Sun Tea
  • Raspberry Sun Tea
    • Soak up the suns natural energy and enjoy this deliciously local drink: Sun Tea is made by putting tea bags (any kind) in a pitcher or glass jar and leaving it on the balcony or in the window sill to naturally steep. In just a few short hours the sun will heat the water and steep the tea for you. I picked some raspberries down the street and added them to the finished tea and sweetened with a touch of honey. Here is the finished product after an overnight cooling in the fridge, Enjoy!
  • Refrigerator Pickles- Recipe
    • A great way to use up those garden cukes without the canning.  
  • Baked Green Tomatoes- Recipe
    • Don't know what to do with all those green tomatoes? Never fear this was sooo good! I used The Naam Miso Gravy from Vancouver as the dipping sauce, yum!

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