Sunday, 21 December 2014

VanCity Living

I have reached the Mecca folks! This week Angela and I hopped a ride down to the city and while she is off with her family I am couch hopping my friends places and exploring the greater Vancouver area. I'll be honest I was a little worried about being amongst my old friends, fast food and shopping but the local vibe is truly alive and well in the city. Instead of hitting whatever restaurant I happen upon I am investigating the alternative world of local eateries and uncovering new treasures at the many thrift stores the city has to offer.
I feel as if all I want to do is eat and I hardly think there are enough meals in the day to get to every local eatery in the city. So far I have died and gone to heaven finding my new favourite spot in the world-Forage. Their motto is the same as mine "the more local the better", serving fresh locally sourced food and drink with delicious results. Their menu is also surprisingly quite affordable which I hope will allow as many people as possible to experience how tasty local truly is. Even though I wanted to try everything I settled for the spiced honey cheese pan bread, warm kale salad and squash perogies shared with my partner in crime for the evening Franco, can you say yum! Even my cocktail was local making the entire evening a dream come true.
Thrift shopping in Prince George is...somewhat limited and it takes real effort to unearth the goods at our few stores we have. Especially since we decided to deduct Value Village from our portfolio as it is a for-profit thrift chain but unfortunately also the best thrift store in PG. Coming to the city I have gone a little nuts, I had to get another suit case nuts and have shopped everywhere from White Rock to Ladner to Main St Vancouver. Also Consignment, have you ever heard of anything more wonderful! I took thrift shopping to a whole new level shopping designers, check out my new shoes!!! I never thought I would find something so beautiful and used too! 
I have 2 days left here in the city before heading up to Hope for Christmas, any suggestions? 

Happy holidays,


"The greatest luxury is being free" - Manolo Blanhik